I'm Latn Black.

proper noun

I'm a full-stack web developer. That means I have a broad skillset, from user interfaces on the front-end, to Javascript and PHP applications running server-side that communicate with 3rd party services and APIs. I also do some dev-ops stuff, and I know my way around a terminal too.

Speaking of terminals, I spend a lot of time in them. They're a big part of my life as a developer, so I thought it would be an apt way for you to get to know me. Click my buddy in the top right of your screen to get started.

My favourite thing to do is to experiment with different technologies and create new things (yay!). I'm very good at fixing things, but I don't like spending all my days on maintenance and recovery projects where all the decisions and mistakes have already been made (boo!).

I like to work with people and companies that understand the importance of web and mobile technologies and don't treat either as an afterthought. I like to entertain and explore possibilities, in discussion and in practice; it's not enough just to talk, let's do something.

I don't need to be working with the latest and greatest technologies all the time, but I love learning, so even if it's not new to the world, if it's new to me and potentially useful, then I'm interested.

You can learn more about me via the terminal. You can also use it to get in touch.

Use the terminal